Field status uncertain

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Pacific University’s 2017 baseball season is right around the corner with games starting in early February. But there is a major question lingering. Will the field be ready by the time games start? Last season, Chuck Bafaro Stadium was unplayable because of the rainy fall and winter seasons in 2015. Last season the baseball team played nine of its 19 home games at Ron Tonkin Field in Hillsboro. The Boxers first true home game did not come until two months after the start of the season. This year, the field has received more rain and now an abnormal amount of snow leaving the field’s status in question once again. However, Athletic Director Ken Schumann is confident the field will be ready to go by the first home game Feb. 18. “Once we examine all the runoff and water sitting there, it’s probably not going to be too good,” Schumann said. “That’s a problem that all grass fields around here are going to have. But I don’t see any issues at this point being the early part of January.”

Schumann explained there has been work done on the field this past year to try to get the field in a better condition than last year, as well as having the field better prepared to handle the rainy seasons Oregon throws at it. “Up until last year we really haven’t had a problem with that field,” Schumann said. “We’ve done a lot of work on it to try and open up some of the drainage, especially in the outfield.” Despite Schumann’s optimism, some of the players are unsure of whether or not the field will be ready to go by the first. One of these players is senior infielder Josh Keithly. “I certainly hope it’s ready,” Keithly said. “But personally I don’t think it will be considering how our field doesn’t hold up like it used to and only being able to play seven games in our own yard last year doesn’t give me much hope.” If the field does not dry out by the time the first home game is set to start, Schumann says the team has many options of places to play, including playing at Ron Tonkin Field in Hillsboro. “I think last year was more of an anomaly,” Shumann said. “I fully expect the team to be able to play all of their home games this season.”


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