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At  Pacific University, the athletic department offers many collegiate sports. However, many people are unaware of other activities offered at Pacific like club sports. Pacific offers five different club sports that are sanctioned by the NCAA. These include cheer, dance, men’s rugby and men’s and women’s handball. These five club sports have given students the chance to get involved with an activity on campus that they may or may not would have had when coming to Pacific. 
“There’s all sorts of options for students to get involved in while they’re in college,” Club Sports Director Angela Moberg said. “Many students come here with a background in sports and they have an athletic interest outside of the normal college sports.” It is no secret collegiate sports require a lot of time and energy and while many students are involved with many different things on campus, club sports give students the chance to be on a team without having to have practice or workouts five days a week. 
“Most of them have two practices a week,” Moberg said. “Club sports are a good middle ground students can get involved in because you have a coach and you have individual practices but it’s not the same kind of time commitment as other college sports.” If you are not interested in the five NCAA club sports offered by the athletic department, there is also other club sports activities that are offered by the student activities department. 
They offer activities such as ultimate frisbee, women’s rugby, parkour and many others. These activities are considered student-run clubs and organization. With the five club sports already being offered by the Pacific athletic department, Moberg has not ruled out adding more NCAA activites in the future. “I haven’t heard of anything being offered at this point,” Moberg said. “But usually when the student activities clubs start to grow and gain more and more participants they get turned into NCAA club sports.
That’s what happened with men’s rugby.” Moberg says the reason there are currently only five club sports offered by the athletic department is because of a lack of field space, as well as competition to play. If you have any interest in playing a club sport you can go online to and find the contact information for each of the club sports

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