Pacific University offers spring intramurals

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Every semester at Pacific University, the athletic department provides a variety of activities  any student on campus can participate in through their Intramural program. This spring semester, Pacific will be offering activities such as basketball, sand volleyball, indoor soccer, flag football, cornhole, spikeball and dodgeball. 
The intramural program at Pacific was designed to provide all students with the opportunity to play and participate on an activity in a healthy environment that focuses on healthy competition, recreation and exercise. 
Soccer, basketball, volleyball and flag football have become staples for the Intramural program at pacific and this year they added cornhole and spikeball to the mix to reach out to a wider range of students. “I think it’s great,” freshman Braden Ash said. 
“They have multiple sports for students to participate in so most people can find a sport that they like.” For many students, intramurals are a great chance for athletes to continue playing the sports  they played in high school for fun, while they focus on the sport they came to Pacific to play. 
“This year I will be playing the sports that I have been competitive in while I was in high school,” Ash said. “I also play on trying some of the sports that I haven’t played or haven’t played in a while just for fun.” While the registration deadlines for some of the activities have passed,  it is not too late to sign up for five on five basketball, sand volleyball, cornhole and spikeball. If you are interested in signing up, go to the GoBoxers website and click on the tab titled intramurals for more information.

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