Senior wrestler assumes leadership role

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Senior CarrieAnn Randolph has been a force for Pacific University women’s wrestling team this season. In the four meets Randolph has competed in, she has two top five finishes. The Hawai’i native credits the success this season to the preparation given to her by coach Chris Beechwood. “My coach gave me the option to wrestle competitions at 155 pound weight class,” Randolph said. “I was stoked because that’s so much more comfortable than cutting down to 136 pounds for meets.” In the first meet of the season, Randolph finished top four after dropping the third place bout in the Mike Clock Open hosted in Forest Grove. Randolph’s best finish came in the Spokane Open where she took second place. Randolph attributed her success to practice. 
“Wrestling is such a hybrid sport,” Randolph said. “You perform individually but rely on teammates to practice technique and coaches to help and review skills. I also have to attribute the success to God for giving me great teammates and coaches.” In her final season, Randolph has been called on to lead the team as well. “Having great team captain examples in the past, there’s pressure and a certain standard you have to conduct to,” Randolph said. 
Randolph stated that she asked recent graduated captains for their help in the matter and how to help her create a positive vibe for her teammates. With their help and plenty of off-season training, Randolph feels she has created a successful final season. “I don’t really see myself as being the top dog or having a stellar season,” Randolph said. “But it feels damn good to win.” The team will finish the year at the WCWA Nationals on Feb. 10 and 11.

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