Snydar attends NCAA Career in Sports forum

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Senior softball player Trisha Snydar was one of the 230 NCAA student athletes to be accepted into the NCAA Career in Sports Forum that took place in Indianapolis, IN over the summer.

The NCAA forum is an opportunity for current student athletes, who are interested in taking on sports related jobs after graduation. The forum gives students a opportunity to get a feel for what it is like. Only a certain few get selected for the opportunity to apply to the forum and the students who are invited to apply are selected by a nomination from their school’s athletic administration.

As for Snydar, she cherished the opportunity and her overall experience. With 73 conferences in attendance, Snydar was able to meet a good amount of people from different conferences and hear different voices around the NCAA.

“My overall experience was incredible,” Snydar said. “It was such a unique conference and opportunity to be part of. The best part, or what stood out the most being there, was all the different people I was able to meet, hear, speak or spend time with.”

As for Snydar, she does not know exactly what her future holds as far as her career is concerned, but knows she would love for sports to be part of it.

“This opportunity definitely opened my eyes to the vast amount of opportunities within college athletics,” Syndar said. “From coaching, to conference offices, to the national NCAA office, the opportunities are endless. That is what made this opportunity so unique because we learned about every level and different aspect of college athletics.”

Syndar will enter her final year for the Boxer softball team and as one of the key leaders. Last season, she started and played in all of the Boxers 38 games. As for the upcoming season, she is looking forward to see where this team has grown and what they can achieve as a team.

“I’m super stoked for this season, and to see what we are capable of,” Syndar said. “Definitely excited to see the growth we’ve had over the summer and all that we can achieve this year as a team. I’m not big on expectations, but I know we’re ready to work hard and make it a great year.”


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