Alumnus turns passion for sports into career

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Sports and radio have always been a passion for Alumnus and former Pacific University basketball player DeVon Pouncey. Naturally, Pouncey used that passion for sports and radio and turned it into a career as a co-host on the Justin and DeVon Show, airing weekday mornings on 102.9 The Game.

Although only a year removed from school and now with a steady career, Pouncey’s path to co-hosting his own radio show was anything but easy. He began as an intern at 102.9 The Game in the summer of 2016. By February of 2017, he was hired as a board operator and then in March he launched his own podcast called “Wake Up and Win with DeVon Pouncey.”

“The podcast focused on the intersectionality of sports, politics and culture,” Pouncey said. “By late May the opportunity presented itself to me to co-host the show with Justin and I had to do a two hour on-air test trail.”

While at Pacific, Pouncey received a lot of experience that helped pave the path he is on today by getting involved in many different avenues of sports and radio.

“Pacific definitely prepared me for this job,” Pouncey said. “I had my first ever show on Boxer Radio called ‘Vibin’ with Pounce.’ I was also a student host for the Sports Colloquium during the fall semester of 2016 which was put on by Jules Boykoff. That gave me motivation for my podcast as many of the guests were experts that focused on the intersectionality of politics and sports.”

Pouncey also created and launched ‘Boxer Buzz’ with Sports Information Director Danny Kambel while he was a student intern in 2016.
Pouncey feels Pacific gave him many opportunities to get involved with new things and make connections that helped him get where he is today.

His time as an athlete has also helped Pouncey in his new career. While playing for the Boxers he was a team captain and Northwest Conference Honorable Mention.

“With my athletic background and my two internships being in sports media, I was versatile enough to take advantage of the job opportunities I got with 102.9 The Game and I’ve worked extremely hard to get where I am today,” Pouncey said.

As for what the future holds, Pouncey hopes he can make his career in sports broadcasting permanent and is willing to put in the work to make that happen.

“Right now I’m heavily focused on the show and my podcast,” Pouncey said. “In this industry anything can happen, so I’m just working to get better and become more valuable in my craft.”


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