Graduate student leads by example

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Passion is the main driving force behind a rough, but meaningful, season for the women’s soccer team. Pacific University graduate student and midfielder Kyla Mizo is pushing the pace of competitiveness on the soccer team as the season nears an end.

“The team motto for this season has been passion,” Mizo said. “Find the passion within yourself to fight for the person next to you. Have the passion to give it all you got in the role that you play. And realize that every role matters.”

These principles have been the foundation for the team’s positivity in the face of a non-ideal season. Mizo, who is using up her final year of soccer eligibility with the Boxers, came from a division one soccer program at Idaho State. Her experience has helped the women’s soccer team’s overall chemistry.

“The communication between all the players has been extremely important,” Mizo said. “We aren’t afraid to hold each other accountable and that’s what I love about this team. I don’t care if I’m a senior being yelled at by a freshman. There should be that level of respect, where no matter what year you are, you should be able to have a say.”

Being enrolled in the school of Pharmacy, while also playing a sport, has not been easy for Mizo.

“Senior season is definitely stressful,” Mizo said. “But I’m pretty sure I can speak on behalf of all the seniors here at Pacific that we are all extremely busy with our schedules and extracurricular activities.”

With only four conference games left in the season, Mizo believes the team is ready for any challenge coming their way.

“We can handle any situation with our heads held high,” Mizo said. “And nothing but positive thoughts.”


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