Spring intramural’s encourage participation

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As spring term begins, so does a new season of intramural sports for Pacific University students.
Pacific offers a number of intramural leagues including ag football, basketball, volleyball and soccer.

There are also activities like zumba and yoga to help stay in shape. Intramurals are open to all undergraduate and graduate students and also faculty and staff.

Director of Intramurals & Recreation Angela Moberg said that intramurals are designed to provide all with an opportunity to play, make lasting connections on campus and give each participant an environment that focuses on healthy competition, recreation and exercise.

“Intramural leagues and programs are open to all levels of play and prior experience is not required,” Moberg said. “We are always open to new ideas and programs, looking to serve the interests
of the Boxer community and provide new recreation opportunities.”

The intramural leagues offered this spring term are: Basketball (3 v. 3) and (5 v. 5), Indoor Soccer (5 v. 5), Outdoor Soccer (7 v. 7), Indoor Volleyball (4 v. 4), Sand Volleyball (4 v. 4), Flag Football (5 v. 5) and Ultimate Frisbee (5 v. 5). Each sport varies to being limited to just men’s, women’s and coed.
To register for intramurals, or to check the details of each intramural activity, you can visit the goboxers. com and go to the intramurals page.

Any additional questions regarding registering can be directed to Moberg, whose of office is next to the weight room in the Stoller Center.


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