Lacrosse to rely heavily on upperclassmen

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Even with half of their players playing a brand new sport for the first time, the Pacific University lacrosse team is still optimistic about continuing a history of success this spring season.

With multiple coaching changes throughout the Northwest Conference, this season is looking to be up for grabs for any team that can come together and consistently play at a championship level.

Although this year’s team has a large amount of inexperience, the team is going to rely heavily on upperclassmen and second year head coach, Jacqueline O’Hara, to teach them the rules of the game
and how to play it well at the collegiate level.

“We have seven girls on our team this year who have never played lacrosse before and an additional four who are playing new positions,” sophomore attacker Roya Tahmassebi said. “In just two months
we have already been playing well together.”

The team feels they are improving with each practice and are capitalizing on the momentum they have.

“Our team is really good at working together,” senior mid fielder Jordyn Godfrey said. “Since our team is so new, most of our practices consist of learning new defenses and plays on offense. Our team is full of really good listeners who trust the coaching staff that they are setting us up for success.”

The experience of the upperclassmen along with the energy of the team’s new players are the main components for the team’s preparation and cohesion. Coach O’Hara has constructed practices and team activities in a way that can fuse all of the team’s strengths together.

“This year has definitely been easier with our new coach as both our team and our coaches have made adjustments, so that the program runs smoother,” sophomore defender, Dakota Dantzer said. “Last year was difficult because the previous coach had been with the upperclassmen for so long and they were all so close with her, that it was hard to make such a huge transition to our new coach.”

The team is rallying around their coaches willingness to learn and dedicate as much as they can into each of their players. With leadership, energy and health, the lacrosse team is on course for another successful and memorable season.

The team will begin their season at home on Feb. 25 against Westminster University at 11:30 a.m.


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