Football player sets sights on Hollywood

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Junior of the Pacific University football program, Bobby Ulrich, is calling it quits with not only football, but school itself. 

In the last two weeks of March, the well-known television series, ‘Pretty Little Liars’, choose Pacific to shoot a spin-off show called, ‘The Perfectionists’. They were filming the pilot episode,in hopes of airing it next year and having their show be picked up to continue the season. 

Extras were needed for the show and with careful thought and consideration by the broadcasting team, Ulrich was selected to become one of them. 

The junior defensive end standout is well known for running our very own ‘Boxercast’ for the Pacific Index. Looking for a broadcasting career, everything was suddenly falling into place for him with getting this role with the show.

“I am thankful for this next step in my career,” Ulrich said. “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!” screaming his inner Kevin Garnett. 

But, Ulrich was becoming more than just an extra in the show. He picked up playing the love interest after he was making an impression with his unique ‘extra’ skills. 

“They just really enjoyed how I was engaging with the show whether that may be laughing, smiling, looking deeply into the camera, and so on,” the actor said. “I wasn’t here to play backup and they should have known that from the beginning.” 

Not only was he playing a love interest in the show, but there are rumors that he is developing an actual ‘love interest’ outside of it as well. From photos of well-known actress, Sasha Pieterse, on her Instagram, it appears that Ulrich is included in them. 

Many claim, that Ulrich did not become a key character on the show from his talent, rather it was from the help of Pieterse. 

“That is blasphemous!” he shouted. “Sasha did not have to do anything, it was the hard work and dedication I have done. People need to stay in their own lane about these rumors between Sasha and I.”

Ulrich claims he has no time for anything now, dropping football and all his classes. Whether or not he was going to notify head coach of the football program, Keith Buckley, on his decision to leave, he commented that, “he can figure it out,” “Once I am on camera, they will understand because that money will be flowing in.”


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