Brothers lead Tennis team

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After finishing fourth place in 2018, Pacific University’s Men’s Tennis team responded by bringing in a stellar recruiting class this year.
The recruiting class included a familiar last name to the Boxer family. Freshmen Koby Murata, the younger brother of Junior team captain Rayden Murata, have been waiting to play on the same court together again since the day Rayden graduated high school.
“It was hard to find a good partner when Rayden graduated,” Koby said. “It’s nice to feel comfortable again on the doubles court.”
The two have been playing together since they were little, but their achievements really took off when they reached high school, placing fourth in the Hawaii state doubles tournament.
They believe being brothers has helped them succeed in their efforts on the tennis court.
“We have great communication and keep each other in check on the court,” Rayden said. “Because of our bond.”
After putting in several hours on the court together, Koby believes there is a certain level of trust they cannot find with any other partner.
“We know each other’s tendencies, like our favorite shots and favorite places on the court,” Koby said. “Which always gives us an advantage over the opposing team.”
After beating a team from a Division I program, University of Portland, the brothers have the whole Northwest Conference on watch.
The brothers were even able to put together a quality finish at the regional Intercollegiate Tennis Association tournament, making it to the quarterfinals.
The fast start to the year has given faith to Pacific’s tennis fans that this can be the best doubles team in school’s history.
The brothers share this feeling of excitement. When asked about their ultimate goal as a doubles pair they had the same answer, “Be the best in conference.”
The Murata brothers along with others have helped set a precedent for the rest of the team unlike ever before. They hope this will be Pacific’s first tennis team to take home the Northwest Conference title.
“There’s a different level of excitement and focus out on the courts this year,” Rayden said. “And we hope to ride that to the finish line.”


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