Internships offer real world experience

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The Career Development Center has opportunities for students to get a jump-start into their aspiring careers. By acquiring an internship while at college, students can see for themselves if their desired profession is actually what they want to commit the rest of their lives to.
“Internships are practice for finding a job. You get the chance to do things hands on in that specific profession,” said Internship Coordinator for The Career Development Center, Melissa Vieria.
The staff of The CDC bring their passions to help students achieve and get an enriching experience through internships, said Vieria. She said her job goes well beyond helping students get internships. The CDC also provides sessions called “mock interviews,” where students can sit down with a CDC staff and pretend that they are the interviewee for a desired job. The CDC will provide a similar atmosphere and ask questions that would be normal for a real job or internship interview.
Another resource they offer is how to construct an effective resume for internships, full, or part time jobs. They will even help students construct resumes for a work-study position.
“We offer internship credit underclassmen and upperclassmen. Students must have a 2.7 GPA in order to get credit, but we strongly encourage students who do not meet this grade requirement to still partake in an internship. It is still a great experience,” said Vieria. Check with your academic department for your specific requirements.
Benefits of having an internship include establishing connections and contacts, developing skills and awareness that is required for employees, gaining a competitive edge and building resumes and portfolios for future employers.
There are internships that are offered at Pacific University, as well as in the Forest Grove area for student convenience. Those include: MFA marketing and communications, Center for gender equity, Berglund center for internet studies, internships throughout the Stoller Center (formally known as the PAC), Aramark, B-Street permaculture project and much more.
“There are also opportunities in the local Forest Grove schools for internships, as well as non-profit organizations around town or elsewhere,” said Vieria. A few internship possibilities throughout Forest Grove include: Environmental Studies Internship for the City of Forest Grove and a Community Development Internship for the City of Forest Grove, the deadline to apply is Dec. 15.
On Oct. 26, there will be a resume builder workshop held in the Career Development Center at 4 p.m. Check the CDC calendar for more upcoming events.


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