Homecoming a success, faculty and staff prepare for next year

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More than 1,000 Pacific alumni, friends, faculty, staff, students and parents came out to make the first Homecoming since 2000 and Family weekend a success. A year of planning, dedicated staff and many volunteers helped the weekend’s events run smoothly.

According to the Director of Alumni Relations Martha Calus-McClain all of the events were successful, with a lot of participants and no complications.

It was a “really flawless weekend in most ways,” said Calus-McClain.

Calus-McClain considers the Boxer Nation Celebration to be the highlight of the weekend. Held in the indoor tennis courts, guests enjoyed dinner, the company of friends and family, and live music from the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, a swing band from Eugene. It was “truly a community event, which is always our goal,” said Calus McClain. According to Calus-McClain, it’s difficult to host an event that is appealing to alumni, parents and students alike, but Boxer Nation Celebration appeared to accomplish this.

Next year Pacific faculty and staff hope to make the event even bigger and better. Homecoming may include a reunion in 2011, but may not include parents’ weekend. The committee would like to keep all of the events together, but space is limited on campus. Making sure the university can accommodate the visitors and numerous events is a challenge. The committee has not come to any final decisions, but they have already started planning for next year.


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