Faculty Select Art Show to present student art in the Cawein Gallery

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Pacific’s Arts programs are coming together to present what the arts program has done this past semester in the first ever faculty select student art show.

“This is really showing the Pacific community,” said gallery director and professor of drawing and jewelry making, Junko Iijima. “It’s a celebration of art.”
There will be over sixty pieces chosen, not including graphic arts and theater props which are both included in the gallery. The pieces come from the photography, painting, drawing, ceramics, graphic design, jewelry and metals, theater, and media arts departments.

The criterion for the pieces to get into the show is ultimately up to the professors choosing pieces.

“For me, I pick the works that are most finished, show the most skill, are most accurate, and are most successful at achieving the assignment,” said Iijima.
Since not all of the students enrolled in art classes this last semester are art majors, Iijima said she hopes that other departments will come support their students and gain exposure form the art department.

The gallery opens Friday Dec. 3 at 4 p.m. for the spring semester. Food and drinks will be offered at the opening.

This is the way I wanted to reward the students for all their hard work this past semester, said Iijima.


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