Online registration coming in April

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Pacific will implement online registration for students during advising in April for the fall semester.

According to Registrar Anne Herman, the process would work similarly to previous registration periods because students will still be prioritized by their number of credits and will have designated times in which they can register online.

In addition, students will still have to meet with their advisors to discuss their schedules.  Instead of signing a paper, however, the advisor would electronically “sign off” on that student’s account, allowing them to register.

Along with the convenience of being able to register online, the new service will allow staff resources in the registrar’s office to be better used since less time will have to be spent manually entering students’ course requests.

As the registration process moves to being online based, less paper will also be used, since the registrar’s office will no longer be printing several pages of registration material per student.

Herman said that implementing the new online registration would bring the current registration process more up-to-date.
“[It] brings us into line with other schools,” said Herman.

Students will also benefit from the new system by having immediate feedback on their schedule.  If a student is waitlisted for a class or does not have the required pre-requisites, they will be told immediately upon registering.

In the future, other features of the online registration program may be implemented, such as a “planning wizard” which would allow students to plan out their required courses over the four years, and to see what they would have to take if they were to switch their major.

Herman also assured that resources would be made available for those seeking more information on how to register online.


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