Advising Center open to all students beginning Jan. 24

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A new advising center will be available for all Pacific students after Jan. 24. The center will be located on the first floor of Bates House. Gretchen Potter will be the center’s director and her office will be in Steve Smith’s old office in Bates House.

“The Advising Center will be a place for students to get their questions answered and help with long-term and short-term goals,” said Smith.

According to Smith, Potter will be in charge of coordinating advising activities and providing additional support for students with registering for classes and any additional academic planning that students may need help with.

“The vision of the Advising Center is to add value to the current advising system. I felt that we needed additional student service and support,” said Smith.

As the Advising Center has a chance to get settled in, Smith said that there will be hiring for peer advisors that would start small and eventually tap into workstudy or volunteers that would like to build their resume. This additional peer help wouldn’t take place until next fall.

“Gretchen’s help would also entail helping the new 2010-2011 freshmen with the new core and focal studies requirements,” said Smith.

The Advising Center will be working closely with the Career Development Center in its beginning stages.

The center will be a combination of walk-ins and set appointments after the announcement of its opening has taken place. When the services are ready to begin, be sure to keep a look out for an email and information posted in Boxer Briefs.


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