CASSS hosts leadership conference, kicks off new program to support arts

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Students can now purchase a “Culture Card” in the Pacific Information Center or the box office in Taylor Meade.  The “Culture Card” is available for $5 to students and allows them to go to five theater, dance and music events.

Currently, each event costs students five dollars apiece. For students who purchase the card, that is a $20 dollar savings.

When students use their “Culture Card,” their card will be punched at the door, indicating that they have used one of their allotted five events.

While students will pay only $5 for their card, the College of Arts and Sciences Student Senate will be reimbursing the art departments for the full price of admission when a student uses their card.  This means that both the students, and the art departments benefit from the “Culture Card.”

According to CASSS President Casey Yamashita, the purpose of the card is to get “more people out to art and culture events.”

A website is in the works to help inform cardholders about upcoming events.


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