Students encouraged to take steps to avoid thefts

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On December 21, a mass email was sent out to Pacific students about the increase in the number of thefts that have been taking place around campus.

Not only has the Campus Public Safety Office received more reports than ever of students’ items going missing, but there have also been problems of the university’s property being stolen.

Although many of the theft reports concern electronics, Campus Public Safety Officer Jerry Rice said that most items are stolen when they are “easily concealable.”

Rice confirmed that the majority of thefts reported to CPS have taken place in the Stoller Center and the library.

The library has lockers available for the specific purpose of keeping students’ property safe. Therefore, students should be taking advantage of this service so that reporting to the CPS office will not be necessary to begin with.

But, in the case of stolen items in locations without lockers, Rice recommends keeping a list of the serial numbers, or identification tags on items worth one hundred dollars or more. This way, an item’s description will be much more exact, making it easier for CPS or the police to potentially track down the item.

The public safety office has an engraver that is available to students as well.

These precautions can help keep track of a student’s expensive items, but Rice reminds students of the obvious; never leave items unattended and always lock dorm rooms and vehicles.


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