Vagina Monologues supports women’s rights, leaves audience satisfied

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After a week of selling tickets, t-shirts, buttons and chocolate shaped like vaginas, known jokingly as“pussy pops,” Tom Miles Theatre came alive with the Center for Gender Equity’s presentation of the Vagina Monologues Feb. 10 through 12.

The narrations are a collection of stories celebrating being a woman and the experiences associated with the female genitalia. They range from the hilarious to the tragic and the raunchy to the meaningful.

A movement to end violence against women, the Vagina Monologues have been performed by more than 300 colleges and has raised more than $3 million for organizations advocating women’s rights.

At Pacific, 19 monologues were given by a cast of 14 women directed by sophomore Gavin Knittle.

Acts were punctuated by “sexpert” Vagina Facts and lists answering the questions “if your vagina could talk, what would it say” and “what would your vagina wear?”

During the two-hour production, the audience was moved to awe, tears, groans and peals of laughter be they male, female—or somewhere in between.


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