Newly elected CASSS president will encourage campus outreach in fall

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Next semester, the College of Arts and Sciences Student Senate will be led by to-be president Blaise Holden.

“I have an opportunity to really do something cool and affect the new Pacific legacies” said Holden.

This past semester, CASSS had many accomplishments and Holden plans to continue many current projects. Holden said he hopes to create an impact anywhere near what current president of CASSS, Casey Yamashita, has done.

While continuing Culture Cards, hydration stations, the Leadership Conference, and off-campus activities, Holden said he hopes to have CASSS be a re-election of Pacific students’ needs.

“We will try and make sure there’s a balance of listening and responding,” said Holden who said he wants the start off the fall to focus on increasing outreach. Holden said CASSS is still trying to establish themselves to students and getting name recognition.

Holden said there will be an emphasis on teamwork within CASSS. The new officers are all fairly connected to begin with. Holden has already had experience in CASSS, currently being the Vice President of Campus Betterment and has worked with Vice President of Finance, Anh Ho, who also has past experience with CASSS. One of Holden’s roommates, Adriana “Coco” Kapfer, was elected Vice President of Leadership for fall as well. To be Vice President of Communications, Shandra Swilling and Holden also know each other from being on Clark Hall Council together. “There will be a lot of teamwork and it’s going to be crazy great” said Holden.

Along with teamwork, the outreach CASSS has done with other groups has led to CASSS leaders and other significant leaders becoming closer said Holden. He said along with members and everyone CASSS has worked with are all aspiring for the same goals.

“The chance to grow and meet people is so exciting,” said Holden, “The chance to grow and help others grow will be an amazing experience.”



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