Student senate officers elected for next year

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The new officers for the College of Arts and Sciences Student Senate have been elected.

Starting this fall the president of CASSS will be Blaise Holden. Vice President of Leadership will be Adriana “Coco” Kapfer, Vice President of Finance will be Anh Ho, Vice President of Communications will be Shandra Swilling, and Vice President of Campus Betterment will be Michelle Soga.

The elections were held online through a ballot sent out to Pacific students’ emails at 9 a.m., Tuesday April 12. The time was limited as the ballot was closed at 5 p.m. Wednesday April 13. A total of 373 undergraduates voted for their CASSS officers.

Current president, Casey Yamashita, said each of the new officers are well qualified and diverse. He said the new officers all come from different places, are a part of different activities on campus and bring unique perspectives to the table.

For their term, the officers will support the Boxer Army, host the Leadership Conference, and help students attend more off campus activities including Zoo Lights and Trail Blazers games

The new CASSS officers want to bring positive changes to campus with the Green Promise. That commitment is a three-year contract that gives funding to CASSS to create sustainable projects. CASSS is planning to create a bike shelter that will be covered and lit between the U.C. and Walter Hall. They are planning on funding more hydration stations across campus, like the one stationed in the Bistro. CASSS is also looking at purchasing daily newspapers from around the country to be available for students to enjoy in the UC.

CASSS will also continue to promote their pilot project, the Culture Cards. “It has gone about as well as we planned,” said Yamashita. The Culture Cards Project was created to promote the arts. The cards are $5 and give the holder the chance to see up to five performances from any arts department. This is significantly cheaper than five individual performances for a total of $25.

With Dance Works VIII coming up, Yamashita said CASSS will have a better idea of the overall success of the Culture Cards at the end of the semester. But he said that the people who have bought tickets come from various majors, which completes the goal of overlap between departments and supporting the arts.

Culture Cards will be available next semester with a new design as CASSS continues to promote them.



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