LikeALittle grows in popularity for students

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The anonymous flirting website, now, started with four roommates and their connection with George Fox University.

The student who took the initiative to make Pacific a part of was sophomore Gage Josi. He received a link from his friend who attends George Fox; this link was George Fox’s LAL page.

“I thought it was really awesome and funny, so I of course typed in Pacific University only to find that our university was not listed,” said Josi, “That’s what gave me the motivation to get it at our school.” was created by undergraduates Evan Reas, Prasanna Sankaranarayanan and Shubham Mittal while they attended Stanford University in California. According to the sites “About” section, the site is intended to allow students to chat, flirt and compliment crushes from the comfort of their computers.

After an email to Reas, Josi started promoting the Pacific LAL page. Josi made his roommates Michael Furuya, John Martin and Drew Van Roekel admins for the Pacific page. They were instructed by Reas to start making at least five posts to the site every hour for four days straight.

“If you look back some of the first posts they are all from us and mostly fake,” said Josi.They started mentioning the site to their friends and classmates. Soon enough they heard people talking about the site on their own, said Josi. has grown in popularity since. When the site started out, no one connected a Facebook “Like” to the page. At the time of publication, there had been 253 Likes from Facebook users to the Pacific LAL page. Josi was the first to Like the site. When Pacific’s page was created, Josi said only 8,000 people had Liked the site, now about 25,000 have Liked

While Josi had the motivation to start Pacific’s page to see how fast it would grow, he also wanted there to be a fun, interactive opportunity for others to flirt with one another.

As admins, Josi and his roommates receive emails about new updates to the website from the creators. They also get emails notifying them when a post is published to Pacific’s page. They are in charge of determining the appropriateness of a post or comment.

“We have the ability to delete whatever we deem inappropriate on the website,” said Josi. And that is all they can do, as there is no way to block an individual from the site.

Josi said people abuse the page by saying people’s full names in posts that aren’t nice. He said the site is meant for flirting or just saying nice things in general, not to call anyone fat or ugly.

“It’s annoying to see this,” said Josi. “Especially since we’re not in high school anymore, but it was expected.”

As an admin, Josi said he hopes that can be available to every university in the country.

When Josi and the other admins graduate from Pacific or decide they no longer would like the responsibility of LAL, they can pass on admin positions by adding another email to the admin list. Josi said it is a fairly easy process.

The future for rests in the hand of Pacific students, said Josi.

“It is what we as Pacific students make it,” said Josi.



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