Housing makes changes for new year

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Whether returning for another year or settling in for the first time, students at Pacific can appreciate the changes implemented by Housing and Residence Life.

By the end of September, most residence halls will have a print and copy station installed. This will enable students to work from their dormitories at their leisure rather than operating within the hours of other stations such as those in the library or Marsh Hall.

According to Director of Housing Lisa Geraci, students have repeatedly suggested the service and that housing is “coming forward to meet that need.”

Facilities Management has been working to meet sustainability needs by installing water filling stations around campus. At the urging of the “Drink Local, Drink Tap” movement, these stations provide places to fill reusable water bottles, reducing the demand for plastic bottles.

Already available in Clark Hall, the University Center and the library, at least four more units should be installed within the next month, said Director of Property and Auxiliary Services Ralph Vasey.

All students living on campus received an email warning against bringing wood or fabric furniture in compliance with new bed bug policies. Many students expressed discontentment with the policy, but Geraci asked students to consider that it’s beneficial to both students and the university alike.

Debugging is an expensive process. As of February 2011, Pacific had spent approximately $58,000 on bed bugs and the annual pest control budget is only $15,000. The university does not offer cleaning services to students, so infested furniture is likely to become trash.

“I don’t want to have fabric furniture either,” said Geraci, citing the frequency of students who come to her to report bed bugs. As of Sept. 8, there have been no inquiries regarding infestations.

Some changes came in the form of remodeling projects.

Three study lounges were returned to Clark, Walter and McCormick after serving as dormitory rooms last year. These lounges would further aid students’ academic needs by providing study space and tools such as white boards. Though currently lacking furniture, said Vasey, the rooms should be completely functional by the end of September.

Continuing the progress of the past two years, Vandervelden units 141 and 245 are “offline” until spring semester while they are renovated. Neighbors shouldn’t fear, however. Geraci said she requested work not occur any earlier than 10 a.m. and never during the night.

Overall, housing is 96.3 percent full, down from 98.9 percent in 2010. This means there are 31 empty beds of a total 1,035, leaving more options for room changes. Students have until Sept. 23 to submit a request form if they wish to change rooms. Check pacificu.edu/studentlife/housing for more details on the process.


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