CASSS announces elected student representatives for school year

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The student senators for The College of Arts and Sciences Student Senate were officially chosen Friday Sept. 23. CASSS is Pacific’s undergraduate student government. Senators representing residence halls, international students and off-campus students were to be announced and inducted into CASSS at Boxer Bash.

The news came early though, as all the potential senators were unopposed. Because of this, CASSS cancelled the elections and the senators were announced.

The CASSS Burlingham Hall representative is Kendra Barksdale. The CASSS Clark Hall representative is Svea Larson. The Gilbert Hall representative is Max Seiler. The CASSS McCormick Hall representative is Shelby Hoppe. The CASSS Vandervelden representative is Alexandra Greenberg.

The CASSS off-campus representatives are Constance Liu and Timothy Leech.

The CASSS representative for international students is Chi Le.

At this time, Walter Hall is using the hall council president to serve as the hall’s representative for CASSS as well.

The newly-elected representatives will be the Pacific community’s direct contact to the vice president of CASSS and the president of CASSS, Blaise Holden.

The senate holds weekly meetings that are open to all students, elected or not. These meetings are held every Monday from 12:15 to 1 p.m. in the lower level of the U.C. in room 102.


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