“Heathen Valley” delivers believable performance

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People cannot be swayed from their strong religious and cultural beliefs enough in order to understand one another. When such ensues: love is lost, life is lost and destruction overwhelms all.

Following this theme, “Heathen Valley” by Romulus Linney, is the perfect example of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.

Neither a propitious bishop nor a humble mountain man can find peace among the mountains. In this hostile environment, more than love is lost, even children are in danger and hope is running thin.

“Heathen Valley” shows a life that is not worth living; it offers no solution, only despair and misery.

The actors and actresses in the production did a fabulous job portraying their characters to a standard that surpasses the college level. Every moment of the production was believable, perhaps even too believable.

It leaves the audience with a sick feeling inside— a gut-wrenching misery that forces thought on the meaning of life and why we live it. It inspires courage, cowardice, abandonment and above all else, remorse.

Student Director Windy “Sam” Stein is new to directing and is the one responsible for selecting “Heathen Valley.” When asked why she chose the play in particular, she said, “It touched me.”

Stein came across the play by reading it in her play writing class and instantly knew that it was the piece she wanted to portray, despite its dark content and controversial topics. She also said that there was no message she was trying to convey; she was simply portraying an art form.

If you’re looking for a fun and joyful night out with a date, you may want to reconsider buying a ticket for “Heathen Valley.” But if you think you’re prepared to witness a rollercoaster ride filled with stark imagery and violence, then you are in for one insane journey into the dark mountains.

Up beyond civilization, past the crest of normal society, there lives a savage people. No more content in there ways than starving dogs, they live out their lives the best they can, for as long as they can, until death does them part from this world.



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