RHA awaits student project ideas

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The Residence Housing Association wants students to express their ideas by hearing what changes or improvements they would like to see in the residence halls. The process starts with filling out a proposal form.

“While students have always been encouraged to bring their ideas forward, both Housing and Residence Life sought to create a linear process so that proposals could be developed and brought through the correct channels more efficiently,” said Residence Life Program and Conduct Coordinator Lindsey Blem. “Involving Residence Housing Association in this process was a natural fit, because the organization is the overall governing body for the residence halls.”

The RHA faculty and staff hope to give students a chance to have their voices heard.

“This program is for any student living in the residence halls that wants to make an improvement. The process is extensive and a lot has to be done before it can be brought to RHA for a vote,” said RHA’s Policy and Procedures Coordinator Mitch Graham.

Projects range from physical amenities to operations. Some projects in the past have been eco-friendly such as low flow showerheads and composting. No applications have been submitted yet this year, but the RHA faculty and staff are anxious to see what great ideas students submit.

Applications can be picked up at the Resident Life Office or in the RHA office, UC 105. Students are encouraged to talk to RHA, a Housing or Residence Life staff member if they are interested in working on a proposal.


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