Residence Life urges students to follow checkout procedure

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As students gear up for a much-needed winter break, there are a few things that need to be remembered before packing up bags and racing off campus. The Director of Residence Life Ryan Aiello and Director of Housing Lisa Geraci have a few important details that all students need to consider before heading home for the holidays.

All students living in residence halls received an email outlining how rooms need to be prepared for winter break. Some important details to remember are unplugging all devices and refrigerators. Large refrigerators such as those in Gilbert can be left plugged in. Make sure that all mini-fridges have their freezers melted and the water properly disposed of. Bedding must be pulled off beds and stored in a plastic bag so the mattresses can be inspected for bed bugs. Also before exiting rooms, make sure all windows are shut and blinds closed to cut down on the cost of heating the buildings over the break.

The residence life staff will be entering rooms over break and checking to make sure everything is unplugged, that there are no fire dangers and checking fire alarms.

The residence life staff would like all students to know that the only way any personal items will be removed is if they are left in open sight and violate dorm room allowed items. Students who have fish need to find a proper way to house them over the break or residence life will confiscate them.

Important tips to avoid spreading bed bugs are posted in residence halls. They state that immediately upon arrival, all clothes from your luggage need to be placed in the dryer for 20 minutes on high heat. Treat luggage with a hair dryer or steamer prior to packing. Isolate luggage in a plastic bag and seal tightly. Remove clothing you are wearing and wash/dry on high heat. Repeat this process when returning to campus. This will help eliminate the spread of bed bugs to homes and keep new bed bugs from moving to campus.

Residence halls will close on Dec. 15 at noon. Over the break, key cards will be deactivated and Vandervelden locks will be plugged. Dorms will reopen on Jan. 8 at noon. Any students who are not planning on taking a winter class can come back and live on campus during this term.


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