Returning OMSI exhibit a success

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The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry exhibit “Body Worlds & The Brain” is a trip that will leave any onlooker with a sense of mystification. Real, preserved human bodies are on display, letting people get up-close and personal with their insides. Body Worlds creator Gunther von Hagens takes viewers on an unbelievable journey expressing the power, new developments and mystery of the brain.

Designer of the exhibit Dr. Angelina Whalley compiled the intriguing information displayed on the walls throughout the viewer’s exploration at OMSI. She explores the affects of pessimism, anxiety and worry, chaotic lifestyles, anger and cynicism. The displays explain the impacts of these emotions on your brain and where they originate.

Encompassing the low-lit exhibit, banners with quotes from writers, poets and scientists dangle from the ceiling to add a different point of view to what we perceive as our brain’s duty. Lights focus on the bodies and informative captions with a white color, giving contrast to the room with a fresh, subtle feel that allows your eyes to venture from one display to the next. The set up is truly a masterful design that perfectly compares a subject to its surroundings.

The exhibit lets onlookers glance into cross sections of the body that are thinly- sliced layers showing the exact placement of your organs, bones and skin. Guests to Body Worlds can marvel at what diseased body parts look like, such as organs with cancer or what lungs of a smoker or coal miner look like.

Almost any body part imaginable is shown, not only in the amazing full-body preserves, but also displays of individual bones, nerves, muscles and organs. The breakdown allows for different views of the body that you may never see anywhere else.

“Body Worlds & The Brain” will be an exhibit at OMSI in Portland until March 4, 2012. Tickets for students are $14 with a student ID. Exhibit hours are from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Sunday through Thursday and 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday.


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