Pacific’s Got Talent decided by text vote

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The diversity and effort put into the performances at Pacific’s Got Talent brought a new energy to the supporting crowd. Junior Gavin Knittle won first place in this talent show by performing a self-written and self-composed song. This was the second annual Pacific’s Got Talent put on by the Residence Housing Association.

Taylor-Meade Auditorium was packed full of students. They lined the sides of the auditorium to see their peers perform in this free event.

The performances varied greatly.

Singers included sophomore Greg Schroeder who performed two songs which he accompanied with guitar. Sophomore Kawika Boro and senior Molly Trotter sang a duet together with Boro accompanying them on piano. Knittle sang and played piano to his self-composed, “Say It Looks Good.” Pacific University Hawai’i had Landon Ano, Cameron Baron and Darin Kamealoha perform two songs accompanied by piano and ukulele.

Slam poet and sophomore Austin Alvarez performed two poems he wrote himself, “Man in the Mirror” and “To Be or Not to Be.”

Dance performances included senior Nikita Santino, who performed a dance to “Heartbeats” by Childish Gambino. The Pacific University Hip-Hop Club included Michael Ching, Mary Dang and Michael Furuya and presenting their self-choreographed performance.

All contestants were sharing their passions but also had their eye on the prize. First place was $150 in cash. The second place winner was $100 in cash. The third place winner was rewarded with $75.

The voting process for Pacific’s Got Talent was unique. The audience voted in by texting for their favorite performance.

In the end, Pacific University Hawai’i won third place. The duet between Boro and Trotter won them the second place prize. Knittle was the final performer of the evening and said that after he finished his song he just kept thinking of all the other good acts before him.

The song Knittle sang was very personal to him and the friendships in his life.

“I wrote it three years ago when my best friend and the girl he had been dating broke up; it was upsetting because they were my favorite couple,” said Knittle.

The song was written when the people in his life were falling in and out of love with each other, said Knittle. A mix of events gradually ended in this song, which he also composed the music for.

This was Knittle’s first year performing in Pacific’s Got Talent.

“I didn’t sign up for it last year, but it looked like a lot of fun,” said Knittle. “I wanted in on that fun.”

Knittle won first place and said he is going to spend the prize money he earned on going to see plays and shows that he normally wouldn’t otherwise be able to splurge on.

“I’m really happy that people liked my song,” said Knittle. “I’d like to play more for the student body.”

Other events put on by RHA are coming up, such as Wednesday Night Boxer Bingo on March 14, the Clothesline Project held between April 9 and 13 and Boxer Ball on the evening of May 4.

Students showcased their multiple talents in singing, dancing and more on Feb. 25 in Pacific’s Got Talent. Final votes were cast via text message.

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