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The Writer’s Workshop Series put on by the English Department has seven more sessions available through April 30. With six sessions already passed, the series is about half way through.

The sessions, taught by Professor Kyle Lang, are about 45 minutes long. The sessions are titled “I need an Editor. STAT!,” “Should a Thesis Have Three Parts?,” “When Do I Hit Enter?” and “I Hate Citation!” They will be held in Jefferson 223 on Mondays and Marsh 216 on Wednesdays.

Lang said the sessions are quick and to-the-point. All of them are meant to be specifically about the topic and universal to any student for any class. Lang said the sessions are helpful for papers from expository papers to lab reports and are there to help strengthen any underdeveloped or weak point in student writing.

The sessions have been lightly attended, but Lang said he hopes to drive more traffic toward the last sessions and that they are beneficial to everyone.

The first topic titled “I Need an Editor. STAT!” has one more session on April 9. It focuses on the idea of editorial priority. It shows the different levels of editing concerns and how to address each level with tips for time use when revising assignments.

The next topic, “Should a Thesis Have Three Parts?,” has two more sessions are on March 21 and the other April 23. It will put together to help students through the over-used traditional thesis formula. Other options to theses will be discussed as well as the patterns involved after the thesis is written.

The third topic, “When Do I Hit Enter?,” has two more sessions held on March 28 and April 23. It will present methods of paragraph development. For most, paragraphs come naturally Lang said, but for others it is a struggle and this session will help students with that.

The last, “I Hate Citation!,” held on April 4 and 30, will help students understand citation better and why it is used. MLA will be the main focus, but APA and Chicago style will be covered as well.

Lang designed and teaches all the sessions.


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