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French students from the 201 to 400 level classes have been given the opportunity to let their voices be heard overseas. A new radio program on campus called “Live from USA” has students broadcasting on the French radio station “Click ‘n Rock” about life on a U.S. college campus.

The broadcasts discuss activities students like on campus and American traditions. The broadcasts also have student interviews discussing how France is viewed by American students.

French teaching assistant Jessica Lebbe developed the project with the help of French professors Jeanne Sarah de Larquier, Jean- François Duclos and Jann Purdy. This project began in October 2011 with the 300 and 400 level French classes.

Lebbe said she was used to working for the “Click ’n Rock” radio station in France, so it was easy for her to incorporate the students into this project.

“I really wanted to show that the radio could help students study a language in a very different way than what they’re used to doing in class,” said Lebbe.

Students are not only improving pronunciation and fluency, but working on translation and voice-over skills in French said Lebbe.

“When the students record an interview in English, they have to translate it and then do the voice-over in French so the French audience will have authentic interviews,” said Lebbe, “It is a very complete linguistic and cultural experience for all of us.”

The broadcasts are aired on the “Click ’n Rock” radio station in France. Students write and prerecord their broadcasts as an oral presentation grade in their class.

The next broadcast will discuss French and English words in both everyday languages and introduce French songs that the students like. It will air on April 11 at 11-12 p.m. and 8-9 p.m. west coast time. The radio station can be heard on The last broadcast will be in May.

For any students who are interested in participating in the last broadcast can contact Lebbe at If you are not a French speaker and would like to get involved, the program is looking for volunteers to be featured in interviews for future broadcasts.


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