Residence life announces 1st Picks, VIPs

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After a long process of 123 applications, the 25 1st Pick and 10 VIP Housing winners have been announced.

The 1st Pick winners will select their housing in Vandervelden and the VIP winners will follow. The winners will receive a 30 percent discount on their rent and a $50 declining balance meal card.

The winners are also required to attend VIP meetings every month with Area Coordinator Megan Hockert and are required to plan one social event per semester for the Vandervelden community.

In order to receive 1st Pick and VIP spots, students had to submit applications and essays regarding their involvement in the Pacific and local community, academics, volunteer work and other activities they are involved in and contribute to.

The process of choosing the VIP winners started with changing student’s names to anonymous numbers. Next an average of three people’s scores, done by students and staff, were averaged out for the VIP winners. The application consisted of a screening score and an essay score.

The 1st Pick award screening was a shorter application process consisting of cumulative GPA, number of semesters in residence halls residential leadership and involvement and general leadership and involvement.

If by chance a student was chosen for both awards, they had to choose which award they wanted.

The number of applicants increased by five students total this year.

Director of Housing Lisa Geraci said for students who want to apply next year to really get involved, especially with residence halls. She also said that not all RAs were winners like some may guess. Involvement is one of the top things on both the 1st Pick and VIP Award screenings.

The regular housing lottery deadline was on Friday, March 23 and the number of credits students had on that date will determine.


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