Students elect new faces to represent CASSS

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The results of the election for the 2012-2013 Colleges of Arts and Science Student Senate has given new faces to represent the student body and improve the Pacific community.

Representing the student body as CASSS President, Blaise Holden will remain in this role next year. And for her second year with CASSS, Coco Kapfer will hold the role as vice president of leadership.

Three hundred and eighty-three students voted in the email ballot and the participating students voted in three new faces to CASSS’s council.

Sarah Tomscha will be vice president of betterment, Svea Larson will be vice president of communications and Jack McCorkel will be vice president of finance in the 2012-2013 term.

These to-be senators are preparing for their roles and brainstorming ideas on how best to improve the Pacific campus as a whole.

As Vice President of Betterment, Tomscha is responsible for reflecting the needs of Pacific’s student body to CASSS and taking the necessary actions to make changes.

Tomscha said she has many ideas to improve already.

She said she wants to set up a texting suggestion system where students can voice ideas more quickly to CASSS, enhance global awareness by providing news from around the world to students, expand declining balance use to laundry and stores in the Forest Grove community and diminish soda bottle consumption by having a soda fountain machine in the Bistro thus reducing bottles.

As Vice President of Communications, Larson is in charge of helping the voices of the student body, faculty and staff reach the ears of CASSS.

Larson said she is especially looking to make the communication between the clubs of Pacific and CASSS more constant.

“I really think that there are a lot of great activities and organizations that would benefit from being connected,” said Larson. “I am going to try to make that happen.”

She wants to help promote what the student senate does and how students can utilize the senate’s authority.

Larson also said she wants to help convey students ideas to the senate and vice versa.

The last fresh face is McCorkel working as vice president of finance.

His responsibilities in this role include keeping track of how and why clubs spend their funding and help them to do so productively.

McCorkel said he wants to promote clubs and do so with funding.

“By allowing clubs to more easily access their money and have a promise for more provided they remain active,” said McCorkel. “We can encourage clubs to not only start strong, but have reason for staying strong throughout the year.”

One goal he has is to improve is the efficiency of reimbursements.

“I have plans to put in place better avenues to get people their personal money back more quickly,” said McCorkel.

All the members of the 2012-2013 senate have said they are excited and anticipatory about the work they can do in their roles.

The main goals they have revolve around promoting a more active and engaging environment for the student body.

“The incoming student senate will be an amazing team to work with,” said Tomscha. “I am excited to see what we can accomplish.”


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