Mentor program recruits students

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Students who want to get involved in the community, but don’t know where to start, should contact the mentor program coordinator, Amy Smetana. Recently, Pacific received a three-year grant from AmeriCorps, a domestic branch of the Peace Corps, to build a mentor program that will become a traditional program on campus.

The mentor program hopes to help out local school districts by having college students assist within the schools in several different activities. Some of the activities include tutoring, newspaper club and creative writing programs. Also, students will be given the opportunity to help promote the new mentoring program.

After Smetana has received applications and placed students into the appropriate programs, mentors will help out in Forest Grove and Hillsboro schools each week. Every month there will be a meeting with Smetana to talk about the aspects of mentoring and what the students are gaining from the experience. Smetana also hopes to have fun meetings including dinners and outings.

Students who enter the program are asked to commit to one year of mentoring service.

“I want interested students to have a good attitude toward mentoring and have fun with it,” said Smetana.

The first mentor training session will take place Tuesday, Oct. 2 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Scott Hall room 221. The training will include dinner.

If students are interested, but cannot make this meeting, an additional training session will take place later in the month.

Interested students can email Smetana at


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