Pancake breakfast celebrates alumni

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It wasn’t the eating competition you’d expect.

Alumni involved in multiple student groups while attending Pacific found at last year’s Homecoming they had to attend multiple breakfasts, all of which were happening at the same time.

The Office of Alumni Relations has fixed this problem by expanding the Greek breakfast and creating the first ever Pacific Community Pancake Breakfast, held on at 8 a.m. on Sept. 29 in the Multipurpose Room in the lower level of the University Center.

The Community Breakfast is not only an opportunity for alums to learn what their student groups are up to now, but also one for current students to learn about the legacies who set up some of the foundation for the groups still active today.

“We targeted student groups with longevity of 50 years,” said Director of Alumni Relations Martha Calus-McLain. “We wanted to reach the interest of alumni.”

Specifically, those alumni who would have been in those student groups themselves.

During the breakfast there will be a welcome speech from the Greek Senate President Anabel Gonzalez-Camacho. President of Alpha Kappa Delta Alisha Taylor, President of Alpha Zeta Ryan Lee, President of Delta Chi Delta Rebecca Limone, Senator of Gamma Sigma Jon Riffey, President of Phi Lambda Omicron Kate Schiewe, President of Pi Kappa Rho Sean Iverson and President of Theta Nu Alpha Caitlin Valhuerdi will give updates on each Greek group.

“Alumni love to meet with students,” said Calus-McLain. “They get to see that the things they loved in college are still alive today.”

While heavily Greek, the breakfast also includes speakers from four other students groups. Quarterback T.C. Campbell will talk on behalf of the Football players. Nā Haumāna O Hawai’i will be represented by sophomore Shanlee Gusman. Juniors Brianna Castellini and Colton Markham will speak on behalf of Speech and Debate and The Pacific Index will have representation from Executive Editor Karissa George.

The Alumni Board agreed that creating a breakfast open to all student groups eliminated the chance that actively involved alumni or current students would have to choose one breakfast over the other.

The breakfast isn’t just a chance to eat as many pancakes as one can handle. It’s also been opened up as a networking social event.

“It’s a great networking opportunity,” said Calus-McLain. “It’s good to use the advice of someone who’s been out in the world a little longer.”

Those previous or currently involved with Pacifc’s student life will be able to connect over common interests as well as a love of pancakes.

“I don’t know if student’s value connecting with alumni as much as they should,” said Calus-McLain.

This breakfast gives current student’s the chance to stuff themselves with pancakes, but also fill their ears with stories of “the good ol’ days.”

The breakfast costs $10 per person. Go to to register.


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