Freshmen fair offers guidance

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Freshman year at Pacific University is a chance for students to explore a lot of different options to find what they are going to devote themselves to for the next few years.

To receive a little bit of additional guidance and have some fun, all freshmen are invited to attend the 5th annual Freshmen Major Fair on Nov. 1 to explore Pacific’s newly-expanded selection of majors and minors.

Upperclassmen and a few faculty members will be available at the major fair to help both students with desired majors and those who remain undecided.

Students will get the opportunity to talk to those on campus who will be crucial over the course of their four years at Pacific.

Director of the Advising Center Gretchen Potter will be available to answer any questions about advising, including those concerning core and focal studies requirements for various majors.

Also, the Director of Civic Engagement Stephanie Stokamer will be discussing ways to get involved both around the community and abroad.

Representing the various disciplines offered at Pacific will be Major Delegates, specially selected by the heads of their departments.

They come equipped with a lot of information and insight into their areas, including major-specific slogans for freshmen to vote on as a competition.

Additionally, there will be information regarding study abroad, senior project planning, tutoring resources and other services available to students.

This event will be held from 4 to 5:30 p.m. in the MPR and is co-sponsored by the Career Development Center and the First-Year Seminar programs.

For more information, please visit the Career Development Center website at


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