Annual Halloween event gives tricks, treats to community kids

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Hundreds of children from the Forest Grove community trick “or” treated through the halls of Clark during the annual Hall-O-Safe event on Oct. 27. The trick-or-treaters enjoyed characters like the green-man, Charlie Chaplin, Nyan Cat, Waldo and many more. The community children received candy from the residents. The children traveled through Candyland on the second floor and a haunted carnival on the first. Senior Liz Quimby (left) tells the fortune of a young Boba Fett and cowgirl. Freshman Alec Lugo (right) hands candy to a young lioness. Students and resident assistants banded together to successfully host Pacific’s Halloween tradition. Clark was crowned best hall counsel and best hall. The other residence halls such as Walter and McCormick also participated in the event along with festivities in the quad.

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