Campus celebrates Veterans

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The third annual Veterans Day Celebration will be held on Nov. 12 at 3:30 p.m. in McCready Hall. It is being held to honor Veterans throughout the community, specifically the Pacific University community.

“The event is a great way for everyone in the community to come together and support those who have sacrificed or have a loved one sacrificing for what we have today,” said Veterans Day Directing Committee Member Denise Geisbers.

The event has grown exponentially since it began in 2010. It now accommodates roughly 75 people and had to be moved from the flag pole to McCready Hall to hold such large numbers and keep weather from interfering.

“We didn’t want bad weather or anything else to keep people from being able to attend and enjoy this day of celebration. Students, faculty, staff and a lot of people in the community come,” said Geisbers.

In addition, the university sends personalized invitations to any student or faculty member the university has knowledge of being veterans or related to someone serving overseas.

During the ceremony the colors will be presented, words of remembrance will be spoken by various members of the community, chamber singers will perform and members of the band will play taps. Connections, the Transfer Student Organization, will also be at the event making cards to send to people serving overseas.

“This event is so important for me because it is a way to help the younger generation who did not live through things like Pearl Harbor or 911 understand the sacrifice it took for them to have what they do. When you talk to veterans, specifically older veterans, their memories are so vivid. I don’t want to ever lose that,” said Geisbers.

In addition to serving on the directing committee, Geisbers also sings at the Veterans Day Celebration at Pacific University and throughout the community.

“I believe that if you have any chance to give back to the people who serve and die for us you should take it. It is the least you can do,” said Geisbers.

The celebration is open to anyone who would like to attend.


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