Freshman fair displays majors

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Freshmen flocked into the multi-purpose room in the UC on Thursday, Nov. 1 to learn firsthand about the wide variety of majors, minors and resources available to students at Pacific University.

Poster boards detailing the aspects of the curriculum and a catchy slogan for each represented each of the university’s majors filled the room. Looking at biology? They’re looking to help students “x Cell!” The media arts department students “called all the shots and got all the action,” while anthropology boasted itself as “the only job where you get paid to creep.”

For most programs, upperclassmen were present as “major delegates,” looking to involve freshmen in their programs and to offer a real-life example of someone who is working through the speed bumps of a college education. These students were handpicked by their respective advisers and were great resources.

“All of the major delegates seemed like hard-working, outstanding examples of people I want to be. They were very helpful in answering any questions I had and definitely gave me a lot to think about,” said freshman Rachel Mason.

Also available for students were tables with representatives from such essential programs as the Civic Engagement Center, the Career Development Center and the Tutoring and Learning Center. These representatives helped to guide students in terms of both current academic progress and in the future through jobs, graduate school and even undergraduate planning.

For those who were unable to attend the event, check out Pacific’s academic catalog online to find out more about selected programs, or visit the Career Development Center for more information on building a successful academic career and future at Pacific University. 


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