Concert offers worldly music

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All of the choral ensembles come together with students of Pacific and Forest Grove community members alike to sing festive holiday songs the first Saturday of December.

The songs performed are not only songs relating to Christmas but they can be heard all around the world. The goal of the Holiday Concert is to bring together a community and to allow others to experience and embrace many different faith-based traditions.

There will be music from Russia, South America, Africa, Scandinavia and a few others that will help to bring out the festive holiday spirit that brings people together.

The Holiday Concert will end in a sing a long that all audience members are welcome to and are encouraged to join. The idea of a sing-a-long is relatively new in that last year was the first year that it was offered.

“Everybody loves singing and it gives everybody a break from all of our intense studying and all of the intense work that we are doing,” said Music professor Dr. Scott Tuomi.

The concert will give the Pacific community a chance to enjoy the voices of the concert and chamber choirs. Each ensemble will perform pieces they have been working on since late October.

Because the music that will be played is not just music related to Christmas, will bring in the opportunity for people of one religion to have a little taste of cultures besides their own. Tuomi explained, “people are festive for all kinds of reasons at this time in the world.”

No matter what religion or holiday is being celebrated, the Holiday Concert’s purpose is to bring all different parts of the community together to sing beautiful songs as one.

Join the men and women of the of concert choir and chamber singers for this years Holiday Concert on Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. at Taylor Meade Auditorium in McCready Hall.


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