Pacific Hunger Games: Students compete, give to charity

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The first ever Pacific Hunger Games took place in the Field House on Nov. 17. Teams of four people competed in various physical activities such as bow and arrow shooting, limbo, tug of war, dodge ball and other activities. Sophomores Chase Rogers, Andy Harris and junior Justin Faggau (left) await junior Caleb Wistock launching his arrow. Sophomore Synclaire Waldron and senior Carolyn Cartwright (right) hold a limbo stick as senior Jenny Koch shimmies underneath. The groups, or districts, competed in these different activities to earn points. To earn additional points, the districts could donate canned food. The district that won the event were given $200 to donate to the charity of their choice. The district that won consisted of seniors Allen Tugaoen, Alfredo Moreno, Trevor Puckett and Joel Carlson. The district decided to donate their $200 winnings to the Portland Humane Society. 

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