Charter academy searches for volunteers

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There is a large amount of children in the United States that are having difficulties and are not getting the education that is required in today’s work force.

For some, the problem is that they do not have access to the resources that are available.

To assist these students, the Phoenix Charter Academy Network program was developed, working to try and give struggling students the opportunity to become successful and accomplished.

The Phoenix Charter Academy is looking for AmeriCorps members who are willing to help these children by tutoring them in subjects such as math, English and biology.

Those who decide to volunteer will be building relationships with and mentoring these students who have not been successful in the education system in the past.

They will also be working with the teachers, aiding them by working in smaller groups of children who require special education or who need assistance in learning English.

Director of Civic Engagement and AmeriCorps Alumni, Stephanie Stokamer discussed her experience with AmeriCorps and the experience that she gained from it.

“I was able to do things that I don’t think an entry level college graduate would have been able to do,” said Stokamer.

Those who are involved in AmeriCorps and the Phoenix Charter Academy are dedicating one year or more to these students, however only few turn it into a career. Stokamer said it is more of “a stepping stone from college.”

While it is true that AmeriCorps and Phoenix Charter Academy are not going to make its members millionaires, participants are able to gain not only experience, but also find personal gain through their work.

Stokamer said, “I also learned a lot about what I did and did not want to do with my life.”

The two groups are similar in that they are both volunteer based. People who join these programs are going to be able to gain a valuable experience that not only will give a large boost to their resumes, but will also teach a lot of the work skills that are valued in today’s workforce.

AmeriCorps and the Phoenix Charter Academy Network are working together to try and give more students the opportunity to become successful in their educations.

Any current AmeriCorps members or others who are interested in helping out with the program can contact Stephanie Stokamer at


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