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Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow, also known as STAT, is hosting Pacific’s Tuition Free Day on March 15. Many students are unaware that the tuition they pay only covers 80 percent of the costs it takes to go here. March 15 marks 80 percent through the school year, so STAT holds a donation event for students to be educated on the importance of donation.

Gage Josi, Vice President of STAT and Annual Giving Intern, said this year’s Tuition Free Day will be more than just tabling about the importance of donating. There will be treats, games, and a giant thank you to past donors. The new executive board of STAT has been trying to get more publicity about the event, and the number of participants has increased since STAT started the event in March 2009.

“It is important to make a pattern of participation of donating as young alumni,” Josi said about why STAT puts on the event. The other 20% percent of costs need to be covered and new alumni can help out. The donator can specify where donations go. If a student wants the World Languages department to receive money, or the football team, then they can choose that option.

If donations aren’t specified then it goes into the “Annual” or “Excellence” Fund that helps with everyday utility costs and scholarships for students.

This event is a great way to show how even new alumni can help, and bridges the gap between students and alumni. STAT is always looking for new members to help with events like these, Spirit Night, and Pacific’s birthday.

Tuition Free Day celebration will be held on March 15 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in the UC Fireside. There will be free brownies and other treats along with opportunities for students to donate to the fund.


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