Pacific University Outback: Program seeks student participation

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Dramatic staff changes have left student leaders at Pacific Outback with a chance to switch up the norms.

While at first the resignation of Chad Toomey was hard, staff at Outback have adjusted quickly to the increase in responsibility.

“As students we are all trying to take on more,” said  Outback student leader Becca Klassy.

Klassy also said Outback will end up cutting more trips this next semester because of the change in leadership.

“It’s hard, we can only take on so much responsibility,” said Klassy.

Possibilities to change the standards during this transition period are being grabbed by the Cadre, a group of Outback veterans who make major decisions on trips.

“This semester we want to attract more people outside our stereotype group,” said Klassy. “Our stereotype is granola folk and that’s not true.”

The Cadre encourages students who wouldn’t normally participate, to give The Outback a shot.

Staff at Outback are talking about taking sports teams and clubs out on trips to improve individuals leadership. Campus groups will have a chance to build confidence and leadership skills through the trips.

Also, Outback wants to introduce everything they have to offer to new people by hosting on campus events like movie nights with pizza.

With these as the start of their ideas, Klassy said she feels Outback will pull through this adjustment period.

Spring break will be another opportunity for Outback to welcome timid newcomers.

“You don’t have to be a hippy to go on this trip,” said Klassy.

The trip will be a car ride from Oregon to the California Redwoods.

“It’s kind of unconventional because we are car camping which Outback is not known for,” said Klassy.

Exploring the west coast by car gives the trip the basic college road trip feel, without the pressure of having outdoor experience.

“You don’t need anything to go on these trips besides a desire to be outdoors or the desire to be off-campus,” said Klassy.

Pacific Outback is hosting indoor gym trips to make up for Oregon’s weather till the spring break trip.

They have hosted one indoor rock climbing trip already and more are in the process of being planned.

Besides the trips planned, Outback has a few other goals in the works.

One of their first goals is to increase outreach into the Pacific community. Hosting club trips will do this. Outback is looking to have two club trips executed by the end of spring 2014. Student leaders will also help outreach by tabling every Wednesday and Thursday with a weekly slideshow to showcase different trips.

“Brains evolve in the wilderness and I believe we need to be in it,” said Klassy. “The Outback trips are refreshing and cheap.”


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