Sophomore Major Fest adds attractions

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Minor adjustments in programming and the presence of the university’s professional social media device, Linkedin, made this year’s Sophomore Major Fest on Feb. 28 more applicable to a wider range of students than in years past.

Linkedin was at the major fest taking professional photos of students for their online resume profiles on the Linkedin site, which allows students to connect with alumni and potential employers.

About 80 students attended Sophomore Major Fest, held in the UC Fireside Lounge from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. last Thursday. Among those who attended were sophomores both decided and undecided.

“We try to cater to two points: those who have declared and those who haven’t. We want to connect the declared students with resources that can help them make the most out of their experience in their major and we want to connect the undecided with faculty members from different majors, to help them make a decision,” said Katie Lardy, Assistant Director and Pathways Coordinator.

One of the two adjustments this year were made specifically to help students who had already declared a major. Professors of the major stations were asked to include the names of alumni who graduated with that major on their boards. Students could then contact the represented alumni to learn about what opportunities the major can provide after graduation.

“I have already declared French and Theatre to be my majors but I learned a lot about a possible Outdoor Leadership minor and there was a career development path station I could have looked at,” said sophomore Jessie Gates.

The other change the program made was that the career development plan was available both online and at the event. All of the students who filled out a plan were entered in a raffle to win a gift card. Lardy said the goal in this was to get students thinking about whom they needed to talk to and make them more comfortable speaking with strangers.

Unlike the major fairs held on campus, the major fest was held specifically to connect students with faculty who could help advance their careers. Rather than meeting with upperclassmen major delegates, the major fest was targeted towards a more in-depth look at requirements and opportunities offered within majors.

“The point of me going was to get a more realistic and in depth look at what it would entail to declare,” said freshman Alec Lugo.

Although tailored to sophomores, the major fest was open to freshmen as well.

“I am on a math track but want to look at other possible majors because the math careers don’t seem very interesting,” said freshman Emy Gaub. “The Career Development Center has been helping me out and suggested coming to the fair. I looked at Japanese and Media Arts.”

If students were unable to attend the major fest or have further questions concerning declaring or career options the Career Development Center urges them to make an appointment and take advantage of the CDC’s one-on-one guidance.


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