Tuition Free Day boosts Pacific budget

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Last week marked the symbolic 80 percent mark of the university’s fiscal year and the point where tuition funds in the university budget are tapped out.

To compensate for the extra 20 percent in the budget that tuition does not cover Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow, known as STAT, was in the UC on March 15, promoting Tuition Free Day. Students were encouraged to donate what they could and were educated about the importance of philanthropy to the university.

“The longevity of the university depends on the giving from alumni and students,” said Assistant Director of Annual Giving Meredith Brynteson.

Vice President for Student Giving, Gage Josi, said while the students at STAT understand that student gifts are small they want to educate students about the importance of giving as future alumni and encourage future giving.

The annual report for student giving indicated the largest contributions to university funds are alumni, foundations and corporations and only one percent of the funds come from student donation.

“Without the philanthropic support of our community and students’ tuition would most definitely rise,” said Brynteson.

When students donate to the university they can either designate a specific fund for their money to go to or they can let it go straight to the universal annual fund. Bryneston said funds can go to any organization at Pacific other than Greek life because it is exclusionary.

The minimum student donation is one dollar and can be sent to STAT. Students are invited to attend the weekly STAT meetings on Thursdays from 4:15 p.m. to 5:00 p.m in the Abbott Alumni Center. STAT is also offering leadership opportunities for students in the coming semester. 


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