Dance performance showcases guest instructor choreography

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The 10th annual Dance Works will feature a specialized piece choreographed by award-winning choreographer and renowned dancer, Lauren Edson.

This Spring Dance Works is the first of its kind since the creation of the dance major at Pacific. It will be held April 25-27 at 7:30 p.m. in the Tom Miles Theater. General admission is $8 and student admission is $5.

It is also the first year a guest of Camps’ level of success has worked with the dance company and the first time the company has worked with a non-local guest.

Lauren Edson has danced with the highly acclaimed Trey Mclybtytre Project and has won the Dancing Under the Stars Choreography Award.

“We are probably going to start hearing a lot about her in the dance community in the future,” said Artistic Director Jennifer Camp.

Edson came to Forest Grove from Idaho for a week to teach a piece specifically choreographed for the Pacific Dance Ensemble entitled “Half Full.” The piece will be shown as the closing piece in the show.

Pacific Dance Ensemble member, Shaun Keylock said it’s very special to perform her piece because she is so successful and she specifically choreographed it for the company.

It was also the first time the dancers learned new material at a professional pace. Keylock said typically the dancers have an entire semester to learn new choreography but only had a week with Edson.

“We have never done something like that before. It’s very different to have that kind of pressure. It’s an amazing experience,” said Keylock.

Camp said she is really focusing on faculty and guest pieces for this show, rather than on student work like the fall show does. There will be one senior piece, by Katie Gilleon. Camp said all members of the faculty are presenting a piece. She also said she invited upper division instructors to present in the show.

“Being the first year since starting the dance major it is a really exciting time,” said Camp. “This year the program is really going to be a strong representation of the dance program, 


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