Career center offers networking guidance

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The Office of Alumni Relations is teaming up with Career Development Center to give students a hands-on networking experience with Pacific’s alumni and parent volunteers.

Speed networking is an opportunity for students to connect with beneficial sources outside of the school. Students will have help from the Career Development Center for preparation including acceptable attire and professional communication skills. Students who sign up also receive free business cards to hand out at the event and for personal use.

Much like speed dating, students and volunteers are paired up for 3 to 5 minute intervals in order to have “natural and professional conversation about students’ aspirations and career goals,” said Director of Alumni Relations and event organizer Martha Calus-McLain. She has been holding this event every April for six years along with June Dressler at the Career Development Center.

The event revolves around creating a comfortable environment for students to discuss their ambitions and learn to network when in a more natural setting.

“It is a life skill,” said Calus-McLain, and this event is tuned to help students sharpen that skill. The Career Development Center helps students answer the basic interview questions such as “Tell me about yourself,” while speed networking is an environment where students can practice this conversation.

There are about 20 alumni volunteers and 20 students to match. Though the office of alumni relations has been recruiting more parents, alumni and friends of Pacific this year compared to past years.

More volunteers mean more opportunities for students to network and receive internships, references and career advice.

Speed networking takes place on Saturday, April 27 at 2 p.m. in the MPR. Students are encouraged to sign up early by emailing Career Development Center at Alumni and Pacific friends should contact for more information on how to volunteer.


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