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Pacific’s 17th Annual Undergraduate Philosophy Conference will bring students from more than 20 states, multiple countries and is running stronger than ever.

The conference will start with a banquet on the evening of April 19 and continue in Marsh Hall on April 20 at 8 a.m. to 6:45 p.m.

What started off as three schools and nearly 20 students total in 1997 has grown to 100 students from all over the world and almost a full weekend of activities for the students whose papers are accepted.

At the Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, students from different schools get the chance to share their papers with peers in sessions with similar topics to receive constructive feedback and hear other ideas similar.

Even though the conference has grown to five times its original size, philosophy professor Dave Boersema said that unfortunately they can only accept 100 students into the conference for size reasons.

Boersema said they send out a call for papers in the fall and the bulk of them arrive during January and February.

The philosophy department then reads them over and decides who will be accepted and placed into groups based on similar topics.

The conference will also host guest speaker Peter Kivy from Rutgers University. Boersema said the conference has never had anyone from the philosophy of art discipline before.

Boersema mentioned he was excited about was that as of this year, the conference has had students from all 50 states. The last state being to participate was North Dakota. The conference also has students from Canada almost every year and has had students attend from as far away as Brazil, Scotland, Lebanon and Sweden.


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