Honorary chapter earns award

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Pacific’s National Residence Hall Honorary chapter, making up the top one percent of students living on campus, recently came back from Vancouver B.C. with the “NRHH Building Block Chapter of the Year” Award. This is the first time Pacific has been recognized for a regional award since 2006.

The National Residence Hall Honorary, known as NRHH, is a sister organization to the Residence Hall Association, known as RHA. NRHH Advisor and Residence Life Program and Conduct Coordinator Lindsey Blem said the NRHH is an Honorary and different from Residence Life.

The 20 members that make up NRHH are students who have served Residence Life, such as Resident Assistants or those living on campus that give back to the community.

The NRHH group teams up three times a year for conferences. The most recent conference Pacific’s chapter went to was where they won their award in Vancouver B.C. A 19-page bid was what was submitted at the conference. The NRHH members wrote this bid over winter break and it was all about their development and growth and what they have done for the university between January 2012 and January 2013, as well as ways they plan on improving for the future.

The next conference they will attend in May will be in Pittsburgh where they will complete with seven other regional winners of the “NRHH Building Block Chapter of the Year” Award. Five to Seven students will be representing Pacific and competing with a revised version of their 19-page bid that they won with in Vancouver B.C.

The NRHH chapter meets once a week to focus on their four pillar program. The four pillars include, Service, Strategies, Leadership and Recognition. Currently, besides the conference in May, the NRHH chapter is working on putting together the “Weekend of Service” in April and focusing on recognition programs around campus.

“They are such a unique group of students,” said Blem. “It’s neat to see them come together.”


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